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Hi I'm Nerdy,

I've been mono all my life and have been in a mono relationship with my previously poly boyfriend for the past year. A few months ago he told me a friend of his had asked him to share a room (intimately) at an event they were both going to in a few months.

i'm currently dealing with the emotions that go along with my partner wanting to be with another person. There are some trust issues that don't deal with him (as I was previously cheated on) and others that do deal with him as I feel like this communication with this other person was done behind my back and it continues to go on while I'm making my decisions if I'm okay with this as well as some other small nuances.

I had originally thought I wanted to be in a poly/mono relationship but now I'm thinking about other people I could start relationships with but don't know if thats because I feel hurt by the situation or because its something I'm willing to explore.

This is something I'm willing to explore but haven't. It's all so new to me.
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