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Hmmm, I didn't think your first post was so bad. Of course that's just my opinion but.

In theory at least you may have an option of contacting one of the mods/admins and asking for help on altering or deleting your post. They can be found at:

Personally, though, I like your first post, and I hope you'll leave it up (perhaps with a few edits if that can be done).

I am not a mod/admin myself, so I can't help you directly in that way, quoting the link is all I got there.

Remember, we are always our own harshest judges. When we look in the mirror, we see all the flaws that no one else notices. You didn't (and don't) give me the impression that you are daft, at all.

Okay, having closely studied the post, I see a small grammatical error at the end. Nothing worse than I do on a regular basis though; I have more than a few posts where I goofed up on something and then missed my 12-hour window. Ah, well, in the spirit of wabi-sabi let the goof-ups stand, I tell myself. But that doesn't make me feel completely better.

Like undefinable said, don't feel so bad; you did fine; honest.
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