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Re (from learninginTN, Post #75):
"This weekend my wife and her guy went to a conference that he wanted to attend."
Oh -- oops I kind of spaced on the weekend thing, I was thinking they were only gone on Sunday. Well, that does make a bit more difference then, especially if the weekend included Friday.

Re: the ups and downs ... I am going by posts in the past where -- well, like there'd be one post that sounded more positive/upbeat, where she had seemed to do some kind of nice/hopeful thing such as sleep with you and do some physical contact. Or, like today, when she volunteered to take care of the kids although I realize this is not enough to make up for the bad stuff.

If it has gotten to the point where it is all downs and going further down, then maybe it is time to get a divorce lawyer. Does the counsellor know how bad things have gotten? Make sure she knows, and don't let W hijack the counselling session with all the "boo-hoo things W is suffering." 50% of the counselling session should be going towards what you are suffering.

I can see that things have gotten pretty horrible. It's a little more tolerable when at least W is improving and gradually acting better, but when she's acting worse it really sucks. It is definitely unfair that you get none of her sexual attentions while her boyfriend gets plenty (for example).
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