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For the record, some people seem to have some kind of absolute brain blank when it comes to keeping to a schedule/plan. They just simply can't seem to comprehend that people make schedules/plans for a reason and that when they fark it up, it affects other people.

(Dude does this ALL of the time - it is one of our major issues. I will be thinking: "OK, he is going to this and that, then I can meet him here for this next step, and if something holds that up then plan B is to thus-and-so." and will arrange my day accordingly...Him: "Well, I was thinking of doing this and that but this other thing grabbed my attention and I never got around to thus-and-so. Well, I guess I'll do it sometime next week." I will think that we have a firm plan, and for him it is just a vague "maybe" possibility. Aargh!)

So one question for me would be - has W always been so blase about time-frames/plans/schedules or is this a new development? I can understand that occasionally plans go awry (which is why I generally have a back-up plan...or six) but does she generally make an attempt to stay on track? Or is this a "new guy"/NRE related phenomena?

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