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"You can't really reason with a Dom person."

Yeah, I know this one's been beaten (heh) to death already, but I gotta chime in. My roommates are in a 24/7 TPE marriage. I've chatted at length and played with a woman who won the International Ms. Leather competition. I've been involved with a lovely Canadian man with nearly 20 years of experience as a dom (even makes his own toys!). Not to mention that my gf is also my dom (though admittedly we're still building our dynamic). My pont is, I know from doms. They're people, and nothing about them is inherently unreasonable, since being reasonable is merely a matter of being able to listen and genuinely respond to another person... which is, in fact, exactly the sensitivity and insight that makes for the best, cruelest, most intense domination imho... the kind that knows just how to get inside you and flay you open because it *understands* you... errr, *cough* I may be getting off topic.

Anyways, I'm sure some doms ARE impossible to reason with. But y'know what, I bet they'd be that way even if they were vanilla clones of themselves... it sure isn't like vanilla people are immune from being unreasonable. Don't let this guy get off the hook for being impossible to reason with just because you think it's part of who he is as a dom! It's who he is as a *person*.
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