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Originally Posted by learninginTN View Post
The fact that she didn't text me until 3:00 about the car problems is a big red flag.
My husband goes into clueless mode when it comes to time and expectations, which is why I had to learn to ask him when he expects to be home and then comment on why this was a problem. I also after many, many years (absolutely nothing to do with poly), have gotten him in the habit of texting me when he is finally on the road (and back in cell phone range) with an estimated eta of being home. After all things always change the day of travel .

She's lied so many times in the past that she does it easily and without much effort.
Completely sympathize here. Any deviation of plans sets off red flags due to past issues. Completely understandable and she should be made aware that since she waited until 3pm to initially make contact and she wasn't more forthcoming about when she was going to be home, it looks like she had something to hide. Because she has lied in the past, she has to make the extra effort to prove she is not lying anymore, like doing everything in her power to be home on time and more communication if something changes.

Let's face it, he is a big boy, she really didn't HAVE to wait while he got his car fixed (if that is indeed what happened) and lunch could have been fast food drive through ... Something to bring up in counceling.
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