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I'd say it might go beyond pushing. Did the weekend include Friday night?

So she has a meltdown for having to spend 2.5 hrs with her kids and has no problem dragging "her weekend fun time" out to the last possible second. How many hrs was she gone total ?

Show of hands on anyone believing the car trouble story...
Wow if thats true the universe isnt trying to help her out on being poly...or her handling being poly.

They didnt look at a clock until it was an oh fuck moment....crap I'm suppose to be home right now....

Jagged ups and downs ???? where are the ups ??? I see no ups. She wants to have the new guy as a primary ( meaning replacement ) she has buyer remorse on the kids ...doesnt want to spend anytime with them .... (meaning return or disposal...time burden) ...stopped having sex with TN, etc ,etc ....Wheres the UP's

Id seriously and quietly start thinking about saving yourself and the kids. Start drawing up survival plans. If she comes around great if not you wont get caught flat footed.

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