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Originally Posted by CattivaGattina View Post
So my family is all young (mid to late 20s) and white but economically secure? That part make me giggle.
See this is part of what got my wheels turning. How can the perception of polyamorists out there in everywhere include two criteria that are most often not simultaneous. Success is usually a product of experience, and experience is usually a product of time. Youth is not easily found in successful people, yet monetary security is usually found with successful people. Young and rich? Maybe poly is a subset of lottery winners? lols, i kid.

But seriously, i wish there was a more efficient way to explain to outsider that poly people truly do come from all walks of life. There are always going to be statistical patterns, but it seems that the sources who quote these patterns are usually outsider observers who lack a reasonable understanding of the big picture. As if they need to fill out a story so they spit out a generalization they assume to be true based on the statistics.

Ugh, more labels.
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