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Originally Posted by rolypoly View Post
This is something I've thought a lot about over the years. We live in a largely non-feeling culture. There's this expectation to keep a stiff upper lip and keep things light. I've never fit into this. I'm someone who feels a lot and often.
In all things balance; sometimes, sure, it's more appropriate to let something go, but sometimes? Ohhhh, yes, I've got to feel before I can move on. I make sure the people around me know this, so nobody's too baffled by the "mood swings". I mean, I'll also tell people when my moods are indeed swinging, but mostly it's just healthy use of a full range of emotion. We were born feeling, weren't we?

I have had to learn that balance over time; I used to feel so much that it became unhealthy. Everything set me off. I'd fall in unrequited love and it interfered with my ability to function. If you're not functioning as a result of your emotions, maaaaaybe then it's time to get help. That's the only situation where I'd draw that line.
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