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Yes - that's an interesting insight.
I guess for us, we take kind of a "big picture" approach to the whole "poly" concept. I guess we see it as just one of the shifts in humanity that we expect (and hope) are going to take place in the coming years. If we are going to survive as a species we are going to have to recognize & embrace our connectedness. Yea - I'm sure that sounds .....the word slips me at the moment. You know. But it's not - really. It's just realistic.
We view "poly" as just one of the variety of seeds that are beginning to sprout. Seeds having the potential to bring all manner of people into the same space with understanding & compassion.

So in regards to your post - one of the things we actively do is to take opportunities when they arise to bring an awareness of the poly option to people who have no idea it exists - and they are in the majority.
We make no claims about our own involvement (unless the conversation leads directly that way), wave no banners, no bumper stickers etc. For example, we've emailed links pointing to sites like etc with just a note basically saying "look at this that we just came across - interesting stuff". No hint of what it's about, no prompting etc. Just an opportunity for them to explore. Knowledge is never a bad thing.
It's not a "cause" we sing out for, not an agenda to pursue - just a sharing. An effort in education that their CAN be better ways.
Small ripples in a big pond. The kind the wind may happen to whip into waves.

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