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You sound clear to me. I perceive something like this...

I want emotional intimacy things. Things like:
  • spending time with me texting on the cel phone, emailing, phone talk, or face time talk. SOME kind of daily reconnection thing.
  • Spend time talking to me in deeper conversation than quick tossed "Love ya!" Maybe weekly?
  • spend time wooing me with words because I like hearing them.

I am ok for sex intimacy (of the body). The sex acts we share are yummy and good

I am not ok for sex intimacy (when sex is an expression of emotional intimacy)
because I am lacking in emotional intimacy things.

Is that the ball park? The outlines? If so, maybe you could take that and pend some time coloring it in with specific examples and behaviors you would like from your partners so you emotional intimacy needs could be met better.

The other thing you could do is spend time cultivating friendships. Because they will need their alone time. Just like you and him need alone time. You and her need alone time. So when it is their turn for alone time, could be prepared to give it and could be prepared to spend the time with yourself doing something else that you enjoy doing, alone or with other friends.


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