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Cool Oklahoma

I am a modern homesteader on central OK. We have 60 acres of forested farm land. (humor) looking for a pregnant lesbian prepper... earth mother? (chuckles) more likely a woman who can stand to live without air conditioning in the summer.

I am a --bigendered dissociative lipstick stone Butch lesbian--...(I like to play with words and lables and tags) I say lables are like underware and should be changed daily. (I love to flirt and be silly) I could even be happy with a straight woman!...

deal breakers -- smoking, shaved pubis

I am looking for:
big plus! -- medical back ground, intrest in pepping or survial skills, must love nature.. (we are out in the woods a bit,.. but within fairly easy driving access to town and hospital...

I have to offer:
I am extreme in my openness and honesy... (If I lie about something I will admit it)
I am not a good speller... but I can grow food.... we live with animals in and out of the house... I have raised two sons who are now out on their own... have been in my long term/primary relationship for over 15 years now....

I believe in accountablity...

(I'll be back when i can think of more to write )

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