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^ Haha, not at all distracted I see! Well that happens.

I read the articles fuchka linked to her journal about polysaturation. Good food for thought. I realised something. The time and energy available depend on so much more than just relationships. Well obviously I've known this before, but I hadn't really thought about my specific situation from that point of view. My work situation varies a lot, sometimes I have my hands full of work (working overtime on evenings and weekends) and sometimes I have a whole month of doing nothing. So that has to have an impact on this. Right now I have a slow phase at work so that's what makes me think I could maybe handle a little something else. But as soon as work picks up again it might even be difficult to find time for the two partners I have now, plus hobbies and friends. Hmm, that really got me thinking that I might have reached my polysaturation point already. I need to have some room for busier times at work so that I can still keep my relationships healthy then.
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