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Sent Plinth links to a couple of articles on polysaturation, that I'd recently re-read (this and this). He liked them, wants to read more. This is his first direct experience of non-monogamy. I'm hoping I can organise enough time to make it good for him, without comprising existing relationships and activities in my life.

Have a movie date with Ocean tomorrow. Date at Plinth's place Thursday night. Work drinks on Friday. Weekend's busy already. Hope Grotto's free to catch up on Wednesday...

But seriously, I don't want to be panicked, having to rush from one person to the other, that's just too hectic. I need to plan things so there's breathing room, time to just spend in my own or other people's company.

So. Each week, I think I need to stay over at Grotto's twice, and maybe see him one other time during the day/evening, have time to myself one or two nights, catch up with Ocean at least one night and one weekend day, which - I think - means I can see Plinth one night a week, if I'm careful? At least one night a fortnight.

This Thursday I'm going around to his after dance class, which is good for me as I rarely have energy for anything much apart from socialising at that time. And it also means it won't start in the early evening, will be more like 8pm, so a night (most probably with very little sleep, ah...) but not the evening too. I want to swim on Friday morning before work, so if I can manage to make it to that, the morning after, it will be a perfect crime. Also, if Plinth is working on Friday, he'll be starting work early, which would suit perfectly for me making it to the pool on time. Mm.

I really don't want to fuck this up.

Had an impromptu Skype date with Ella today. A quickie before she had to go out for dinner. Refreshing. She's beautiful. Haven't told her about Plinth yet, but I will soon... I'm a bit nervous she'll feel deprioritised? It's been tricky enough for us to stay connected (let alone grow our connection) long-distance. I really don't want this new connection with Plinth to detract from whatever trajectory I was on with Ella.

Hopefully the increased difficulty of co-ordinating time etc will make me make time for relationships better. I've found that with Ocean, since he's been busy with Menrva, we actually see each other more often, or at least, more quality time more often. Cos we need to be a strong base for these crazy love acrobatics
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