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Hi Roly,

Well, this is an issue I've become pretty sensitive about. Feeling is SO important - and yet so dangerous. It's hard to find the right balance. Acting on emotion is one of the best known examples of how things can turn disastrous unnecessarily.
And yet (you use music as an example), there's areas in life that simply can't be built without a foundation of emotion.
As one who is subject to strong emotions myself I have struggled most of my life - and still do - on methods to keeps those emotions in place when they are not appropriate or counter-productive. Because if not, I can quickly become totally disfunctional, completely absorbed in this wave of emotion like a bottle tossed on the waves.
Of course being 'male', I was in a position to be conditioned by society to shut out such emotions but it wasn't long into my life before I discovered that that was equally counter productive.
Therefore the struggle and desire for balance.
It's been a bit of a soapbox item for me in dealing with the other gender because I feel a need to advocate for that same balance in everyone and I've been witness to the results of the failure of that.
I t seems the whole societal programming (both ways) is missing the target on this. Women are encouraged to embrace their emotions and forgiven when acting impulsively on them. Men are encouraged to lock them away and not acknowledge them at all - at least in action.
Both approaches to me are "broken".
The challenge seems to be in being the "master of" rather than "mastered by". For me - I try to create "space" for those emotions to flow freely in a safe environment. A designated time and place. Until I can get to that space/time, emotions are carefully "filed" with a bow or turn of the head and retrieved and given full attention then. But there are times & circumstances ...............oh dear....

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