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I dunno HMA, maybe I am, are YOU touchy much?

I find it interesting that you say this:
Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
I have lived in areas where non-believers are ACTUALLY actively ostracized and even persecuted to some extent.
AFTER saying this:

Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
Atheism is misunderstood in the same way the Wicca and Satanism usually is. Beyond that you aren't facing persecution. You aren't denied jobs, cast out of social functions, harassed by police or having your civil rights violated.
Looks like a little bit of backpedaling to me. But then your post had a bunch of absolutes and "this is the way it is, and I know what I'm talking about!" types of statements, which is what I was reacting to. You're welcome to talk about what you've experienced, as others here were doing, but I don't have to passively accept you telling me what I've experienced. I'm well within my rights to call you on it and I chose to exercise that right.

This line:
Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
We have a wide range of experiences, so how about you don't try to tell me what I have or have not experienced as a non-believer?
was a direct response to your statements about what non-believers do or do not experience in this country. Admittedly, there was attitude in that line, but no victimization. The rest was just a statement of fact. If you have, as you say, lived places where non-believers are actively ostracized and persecuted, then it shouldn't be that difficult for you to wrap your head around the idea that someone on this forum has experienced it to some degree or has a valid reason to worry that it could happen.
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