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Originally Posted by Jaynine View Post
i dont like being a secret to most people
i dont like not being able to touch, kiss, cuddle my partners in front of our kids and others
For what its worth, I hate secrets, period. I consider a lack of honesty to be dishonesty. I know everyone's situation is different, but I could never in good conscience ask another person to conceal something about themselves for my benefit. If something is good, I don't believe in hiding it for the sake of an outsiders comfort. When I care for someone I make sure the world knows it.

That said, I have no kids, and plan to remain child free. I have no relatives who would say anything about how I live my life, and fewer still who's opinion I value on the issue. My friends know who I am and how I live, and my co-workers get no say in my life after 5pm.

I know that sounds a little bit harsh, but in a way I see it as a way to protect those I love. I can be quite a formidable person to deal with, and anyone who knows me well knows this about me. By inviting any negativity to myself I can deflect it away from those I would see spared of it. When you truly love someone their happiness and security are as important as your own.

Or I don't have a clue what I am talking about, your call.
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