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Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
Hey Lovlies,
My name is Mallory and I have always been interested in the poly lifestyle even though I didn't really know it had a name until recently. I am 27 and Bi. My real dream is to be nicely nestled in a MFM triad but as C is very straight and admits he would be jealous if there was another man involved then I'm sticking to finding a new girlfriend. The sacrifices we make for the ones we love, right? I remember back to before C when I almost had it too... But alas it's not for everyone and a party had to not so gracefully decline.
C and I have been together for 6 years, he is 7 years older than I, and have finally recently discussed our true feelings on the subject other than the more than occasional mention of a threesome.
We live in a very rural area in New Brunswick, Canada and it's really difficult being poly here I am finding. Not only is the scene not so "hip" here but his family, I believe, would have a collective heart attack if they found out. I'm not so concerned with my family as I've always been the odd one and have always strived to do what I pleased and what made me happy.
5 years ago, after three months of dating, C and I got pregnant. Enter Bowen He's our wonderfully energetic and charismatic 4 1/2 year old adult. Since then we've also welcomed Chase, our 6 month old clown. He's gonna be a great comedian someday.
My area has a huge gay community as we are listed as the #2 (I think) biggest gay population per capital so there has to be some more polys out there to meet they're just hiding I'm choosing to believe.

Anyways, if anyone if from around me, or if anyone wants a chat I'm a stay at home, and am almost always available
We have the same MFM ideal... I would love to share some experiences over the years... if only jealousy didn't exist... i am so lucky that my passion for the lifestyle is far greater... if you are interested, my name is Rob.
Single straight M available for polyandrous MFM commitment

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