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Question Opportunity and poly?

So today I was reading through a couple of blogs that had been suggested to me for various reasons, and I kind of got derailed along the way, and I stumbled across something that I cant quite shake.

It was a blog posting with a video link, and in the post the author made statements about Polyamory that I felt were too broad, and lacked a proper understanding of the terms, practices, and values of Poly in general. I had basically given up on the entire blog, but for whatever reason I clicked on the video and watched some of it.

"Polyamorists in general tend to be younger, almost exclusively middle class, and usually white. Perhaps having less immediate threats to welfare and survival as in many inner-city and minority populations allows this group of people more freedom to go against societal norms." was the statement that grabbed my attention.

First and foremost, I disagree with the tone, content, and generalization of the statement out of hand.

But it did get me to thinking.

Most of the practicing poly people I have met in my life have been successful, in their own right. I have met more polyamorists in places where economically, life is better. And many of the polyamorists that I have met who are "all the way out" have been, if not wealthy, then certainly comfortable.

My question for all of you is this. Is it likely that safety and security, in spite of society's view of how one lives their life, would encourage a polyamorous individual to live more openly or comfortably with their chosen/inherent lifestyle?

I am still working on formulating my own thoughts on this matter, and I am hoping a little spirited discourse will assist me along the way.

Thx in advance,
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