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Default Irony or Karma

In an interesting twist. The youngun who was the catalyst for SO MUCH drama in my life-is experiencing a drama.
I left ALL alternative lifestyle groups locally after she just wouldn't stop. The poly group in particular hurt-because they came out on the side that "personal problems should remain private" allowing her to behave in abusive ways towards me-via manipulative tactics in the group-but not allowing me to ask the group to stop playing into it.
now she's struggling, because someone in the group is using manipulative tactics against her (I don't know who-I'm not involved at all in any way with the group or anyone in it) AND they won't step in or allow her to address it with in the "public forum" of the group (public being a HUGE misnomer-as it's NOT public but anyway).
She texted Maca for help. He told her he can't provide help as no one in the group will have anything to do with us-due to the b.s. she created in January........

I can't help but raise one eyebrow.
He commented to me that he felt it was fitting karma. I am not sure I NECESSARILY agree-but it damn sure is a good opportunity for her to consider how SHE feels on the receiving end of the b.s. she pulled against me.

It also sums up precisely why I don't want anything to do with any of the local alternative lifestyle communities here. I do grasp why some people feel so strongly about privacy. HOWEVER-secrecy creates a "safe" environment for abusive behavior and that is not something I want ANYTHING to do with.
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