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Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
I do understand, and I'm not saying I'm not guilty of doing the same thing. I made a similar if not a little nicer post when I first came to the site, which I'm realizing was potentially unattainable and will be removing later.
After doing a lot of research and coming to the realization that I ave no idea what I'm doing I hope that I do not repeat the above mention faux pas.

As a senior member for a military youth organization I have found healthy and constructive criticism goes a long way. Hopefully everyone can adapt to the guidelines and poly-etiquette. There a lot to know/learn/act to be appropriate.

Just relax, hang out and read. before too much longer, you too will recognize the unicorn-hunters (see the personals ads section of this site, there are about an average of 5 posts per day about that on there), and you too will be rolling your eyes and thinking "Oh another one? I used to be one too..."

Then you will be one of US instead of one of THEM.
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