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So now you know the backstory. The thing I actually wanted to write about is polysaturation. The thing is, I like Gemma and Felix on some level, too. Well, the foursome wouldn't have happened otherwise. Even though I enjoy their company, I haven't initiated one-on-one contact with either of them after the party because I feel like I can't offer much right now. I could possibly have time for something casual and actually I think neither of them would have time/interest in anything more involved either, but then again, like I've said before, I'm not very good with casual. This is a general level problem for me. I also have a second date coming up with one of the people I went on a date with when I had those three dates close to each other. It seems like we both have very busy schedules so if we ended up having a relationship, we'd probably see each other once a month or something. I don't know if that's something I'd really like. Basically the dilemma is this: I don't have time for more than two (definite maximum three) serious partners. I'm bad at being casual. But there are so many cool people in the world that I'd like to explore a connection with! I know, my life is so hard.
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