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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Hello Phlox,
Welcome to our forum.

It's true that the early stages of a poly relationship can be rough. I remember my early years (2006-2008); sometimes things got really bad. But you stay with it because it's worth it, and because you have faith in it. Things got much easier for me; they will for you too.

Even though I have to "share time" with the hinge person (I am also in a Vee), I have learned to value my "me" time, so that has helped.
Thank you for the welcome and the advice. I look forward to a time when it gets easier, and it does help to hear that it does.

"Me" time is something I've not had a lot of in my life, and I'm finding there are advantages to having time to really find out who I am in relation to myself. I have been taking up my old hobbies again and developing new ones.I'm discovering inner resources I didn't know I had, and re-discovering some I did know I had but lost along the way.

I am also learning that I can ask for more time, and he is happy to oblige when his schedule allows. I'm dealing with some past relationship baggage about feeling that I don't have the right to ask, but he is aware of that and we are working on it.
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