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Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post
Everything happens for a reason.

Yep, I believe that.
Nope, I don't "believe" that. (Then again, I don't really "believe" much of anything - I have made a few observations, is all.)

Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post
Whether it's down to fate, or whether it's down to putting a positive spin on an event in order to get something from it, it doesn't matter. Every experience can teach you something, open a door, or put a change into motion.
Yep, THAT I can buy!

From my perspective: Some stuff happens randomly. Some stuff that we choose to do has consequences. Some stuff has "reasons", some stuff doesn't. We can take what we will from that.

Some shit just happens - a non-smoker gets lung cancer, for instance. It's not a punishment. No higher power decided that THIS person (no better or worse than any other) "deserved" to die at 37 (while some pedophile lives to 98). The witnesses can choose to draw some meaningful conclusions from the event (for instance - "life is short - don't waste it").

On the other hand, a person alienates all of their family, abuses their kids, who then refuse to talk to them and they live out a miserable lonely existence - they are reaping what they sow. You can draw conclusions from that as well (i.e. "Don't be a dick.")

Just because we can learn from any experience doesn't necessarily mean that there is a "reason" for it...again, just my perspective.

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