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I'm also fairly new to the board but I wanted to chime in, since I recently watched the first season.

I thought it was great, well put together and an all around good first try.

I had a hard time trying to convince my mono-husband that this wasn't what poly was all about. Not every relationship is a group/pod that all sleep with each other, poly isn't all about sex, and not all poly people have multiple partners or are open-poly.

As a new to poly person myself, I'm working on a Vee relationship; as the hinge between my husband and our good friend. We are still very new to poly and I felt like I had to explain that not every poly person was like the people depicted in the show.

So I would love to see more of a variety in the relationships and more of the mundane stuff.

Thanks for the thread though!! I will not be volunteering as I have to agree with what others have said, I'm healthy and athletic/fit, but would be considered fat if put on TV. I wouldn't mind seeing more variety here too, but I think it might make it too real for TV. I don't know.
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