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So my friend M texted me today all excited because he found a poly meeting group in our area. I'm stoked! We live in a fairly small place, so I didn't think that there would be any meet-ups nearby, and didn't even check. How silly of me, I know.

Turns out that Franklin from Xeromag happens to attend that meeting, too! So not only do we have a poly support group that meets up very close to where we attend our University, it happens to also be a well-stocked group with intelligent, semi-famous poly people. Sweet deal.

Meetings are the first Monday of every month, so I'll have to wait until Feb 1 to attend, but it's on my calendar for sure! He wanted to check it out and see that it was worth going to before telling me about it, so I didn't get know about it to go tonight. Oh well. Too bad my fiance (husband in 11 days!) works Monday nights so he can't come too. Boo.

I'm excited! I think that meeting up with other like-minded people will be nice. Most of my nearest and dearest do know about our decision, but it's still a bit fresh to be able to talk freely about, and there are a few who still don't know. So we still have to bite our tongues about it sometimes. :/

I was talking to S a few days ago, and he casually mentioned meeting my parents one day way in the future. I know that this shouldn't have surprised me, but it sortof did. Not like completely shocked, just like an epiphany, like an "oh yeah, that'll probably happen, huh?" I think I've mentioned before that there is a substantial age difference between my S and I; he's 34 years older than me. It's a bit shocking to see that number, haha. He doesn't act like it, think like it, talk like it, or feel like it, but that's how much older he is. I don't care and neither does he, to us it's just a number. But I know that my parents would be more than a little bit shocked, and I think it would also probably hinder their willingness to accept us as poly if they can't get over that hump either.

It's not that I don't want him to meet them, if that time comes... I'm just a little scared about how they'll react. My dad's not the most open-minded guy, and having his daughter be in another relationship outside of her marriage, with a man 8 years older than himself... sheesh.

Anyway, I got on here to write a quick note, and got carried away. So good night everyone!

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