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Thank you both for the responses, the input helps a lot. I do plan to still do things with hubby and the family, that won't change, I love him and doing things with him and the family. And I don't think that this is going to effect his friendship, they've still got things planned and they hung out just last night for our weekly dinner. So I see that as a good sign.

I will plan to take it in baby steps. He is from a strictly monogamous upbringing so this is different for him I know.

I honestly don't even know what our friend would think about me bringing this up to him whenever that happens. I'm very reluctant out of fear of rejection, which I know is silly to worry about.

Thanks again, it is nice to just be able to talk about it. I haven't talked to my local poly friends in a while (just normal everyday life getting in the way.).
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