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Originally Posted by Mya View Post
Me and Evan attended a party last week. It was full of poly people and it was great! We had such a good time getting to know new people and making out with bunch of people.. and more. It was really nice to share that experience with him.
Okay, first I thought I wouldn't get into this in more detail, but now it seems that I kinda have to in order to tell you other things.

So basically that "and more" was a foursome. It was me, Evan, Felix and Gemma. Evan and Gemma first met the same day me and Evan met as well. They were actually on a date before the meetup where me and Evan met and came there together. Me and Gemma had met once before in another meetup. Felix is Gemma's boyfriend, me and Evan met him at the party. So at the party all four of us were making out with each other at some point or another: me and Evan, me and Gemma, me and Felix, Gemma and Felix, Gemma and Evan and Evan and Felix. That then developed into the aforementioned foursome. It was really nice.

Now it seems that Evan is seeing both Gemma and Felix, too. I don't actually know how they define their relationships at this point (I'm not sure if they know it themselves either), but something's happening anyway. So I might be writing something about these two as well and thought I should tell you how we all met.

To confuse you a little bit more.. Remember Casper? I wrote something about him a few posts ago, we met once and said we should meet up again when he's in town but that never happened. So he is also Felix's boyfriend. Whoa, what a network of connections!

Today I hung out with Evan and Gemma at a queer event. It was very nice. There was this one really funny moment when Gemma introduced me to someone (also poly) and that person asked how me and Gemma know each other. She jokingly replied "She stole my date!". She then told the whole story about how she went to the meetup with Evan and he ended up going home with me, but that comment was so hilarious.

Edited to add: Gemma left the meetup to catch a train anyway, so it's not like she and Evan would've ended up doing anything that night even without me. Just wanted to clear that up, I didn't actually steal her date.
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