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Hello trvlngypsy,

I think it is very hopeful that you are not just hitting a brick wall with hubby about the poly thing. It says to me that he is gradually processing it.

I think it is okay to ask him more about poly (such as is it okay to tell your friend how you feel), but space things out a little, give him time to process it in bits, and keeping reading and watching stuff about poly with him. When you do read and watch stuff about poly, talk about it a little and share with each other how you feel.

It is hard for anyone who was raised strictly monogamous (as I assume your husband was) to develop a new paradigm and look at relationships in a different way. You on the other hand are ready for poly, which makes it suck to have to wait. But be as patient as you can, and just discuss it with your husband a little at a time.

In life and love there are no guarantees, but I am hopeful that you will eventually be in that Vee that you dream of.

Kevin T.
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