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another saturday night. he is off at her house. i asked a simple question, based on the fact that i just broke my arm, how would the twin react if i asked him not to go over on one of "her" nights. she is the secondary relationship. i should come first.

i get blasted because i didnt bring it up before...only 15 minutes before he leaves. i should have kept it to myself. when i keep things to myself, i am hiding things. i many times feel that i cant win for losing.

i know that i am touchy because i am on pain killers, am still in pain, and trying not to worry that i severely break my arm 1 week before i am scheduled to go back to work. i know that i cant hold on to my temper and emotions, but it was a legitimate interest question. what would she do? but it doesnt matter, because what he does with his time is his business.

i just need my own other so i can turn to them when i feel like this. i am utterly lonely and its my own damned fault for putting up with this for so long.
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