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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
Originally Posted by BoringGuy: aww no! how come i wasn't invited to the party i mean the poly-family? it SAYS they're looking for a man AND women. i feel left out, excluded even. what am i doing wrong, what could i be doing differently? i'm available for sex and i have a brain! am i not honest enough for you? what gives? won't you at least let me fill out an application?
Oh, BoringGuy, my heart bleeds for you! How come indeed? I can only think of 3 possible reasons:
that you cover your face in your avatar;
BoringGuy, I see that you've changed your avatar since I posted that, so that now you're not covering your face anymore. Is this avatar change a shameless attempt to get invited into fleurisseur's family?
Just how desperate are you?
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