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Maybe it's not true in Vegas, HMA. If so, great!

But not every place in America is the same. My daughter goes to a fairly conservative but PUBLIC school (in an area with a significant Mormon and Catholic population) and if I were "out" as agnostic we would be ostracized from school functions. My daughter would probably not have to deal with backlash from the teachers but most definitely from the other students/families. Any teachers there would have difficulty being anything other than some variety of Christian, and even Jehovah's Witness is not dealt with well. If it were known that a teacher did not believe at all?? There are parents who would make teachers' lives miserable by constantly complaining to administration about them and requesting their children be moved to different classrooms. I have not lost my job over being a non-believer but I have definitely had to deal with an unpleasant, even hostile work environment because of it. And this is CA, which is supposed to be more on the liberal side of things. Where my partner lives in TX, it's even worse, and if we are able to move there I am seriously considering homeschooling my children due to how "religious" and "scientific" education are treated in that state.

Among the three of us we have an ex-Catholic, an ex-JW, and an ex-Baptist (who still pays lip service to avoid being ostracized by his family). We have a wide range of experiences, so how about you don't try to tell me what I have or have not experienced as a non-believer?
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