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Interesting discussion.

I, too, am a disaffected Mormon. I am decidedly *not*, however, an atheist. I personally find it amusing when atheists act all put-upon and say they're persecuted to some extent; that you have to be Christian in today's America, etc. It's laughable. I don't mean that to be insulting, I mean that in a literal sense - if you look at the big picture, it's actually humorous.

Every group of people feels put down or ostracized in some way for some perceived slight of society at some point. For some, it's easy - racism against blacks is easy to see in many places, and the historical persecution of Jews makes one wonder why they keep trying. Mormons have a unique place in American history as the only religious group whose constitutional right to exist was violated by a congressional order to use the United States armed forces to exterminate them!! Atheism is misunderstood in the same way the Wicca and Satanism usually is. Beyond that you aren't facing persecution. You aren't denied jobs, cast out of social functions, harassed by police or having your civil rights violated. In fact, the courts are constantly upholding your view as the only legally recognized one - despite the fact that this too, constitutes backing a belief system. Oh well, lol.

The conservative Christian as a political force in this nation is a relatively recent (~30 years) concoction, and one that the media overstates dramatically. The fact is, most Americans do subscribe to a religious order of some kind - but relatively few are more than passively active in it. You know this about Utah if you visit there much these days kdt26417 - to use the local vernacular "Utah Mormons" and "Jack Mormons" are the rule, not the exception. It isn't any different with other religions.

I don't understand why you make it sound as though on every corner stands a Baptist with a flag and a gun condemning atheists. That simply isn't true.

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