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Originally Posted by LoveBunny View Post
Subtlety is key: hubby is a very stubborn Leo, and if I push him, he shuts down. Any tips on warming my husband up to the possibility of me seeing other guys, and encouraging him to explore his own options?
i am living part of this with my own leo, and all i can say is be honest, up front and open, but most of all leave room for flexibility. he is probably not as able to be flexible. and give it time.

i have been in this open relationship for 13 years, but am just able in the past 3 years to get him to agree with me finding a male lover. we .... disagreed for many years, and all because at first i said i didn't think i would be interested in other men...the start of my not being honest with him or myself. i didn't start this relationship as an aberrant lesbian on a dick kick, i liked and appreciated both sexes.

good luck with your lion!
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