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Default Focusing on the third

My husband has recently fallen in love with a woman. As this is the first time this has not happened with both of us (we have always explored together), he was able to experience the NRE and I was not. I have certainly not dealt so well with all of this, and left my home to discover why I love myself. As a way of dealing with jealousy, I have focused on reaching out to his lover, who has welcomed me with open arms as a sister and friend. He has the hope of a tryad and she is willing, and so am I, as she really beautiful and amazing. I am bisexual and although I have only loved one woman before, I really feel myself attracted to this new woman, and hope that in time she may feel that for me. I guess I just have to allow it to unfold naturally and progressively.

I wanted to use this post to focus on the positives and share my gratitude for this space to be able to share with you all. xxx
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