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Originally Posted by Jeteo View Post
This is the longest relationship he ever had,the 2nd longest was 9 months, so it's not a habit. Yes, I wonder if James will have the same end, but right now I'm more concerned about myself and couldn't care less about what will happen to dear James.

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear that. So many people in your position are trying to protect everyone else, they fail to take care of number one. have no doubt that whatever outcome this has, you yourself will be just fine in the long run, as long as you look out for your own well-being first.


I did suggest it,but guess the answer?No. You can't really reason with a Dom person. Especially not while under NRE.

Yes you can reason with a Dom, NRE or not. You cannot however reason with a 47-year-old adolescent. A "Dom" has nothing to do with being unreasonable. D/s doesn't mean that the sub has to put up with whatever infantile bullshit the Dom feels like dealing out that day of the week.
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