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"It does suck that that there is so miniscule hope for our generation to ever see humanity mature enough to leave superstition behind and to live for the collective. All we can do is do our best to make it happen whilst enjoying what little we can of our own meagre lives."
Yeah, I've had to kind of come to peace with that.

"Epiphany was it? They can be painful I know."
It was. Painful for me and for those closest to me as well.

"I guessed LDS stood for Latter-day Saints but I wouldn't have been able to tell you what that meant."
The "latter-day" business has to do with the idea that we are living in the "end times," and that Christ will soon return in glory to reign over the Earth. (Now, as for what "soon" means, that's wide open to interpretation. )

"What would happen to your friend if he came out as Atheist?"
Heh, in this case the question is what did happen. At first he only distanced himself somewhat from the church. You know, stopped attending services and that. His wife and kids did likewise. Well, the church soon engaged in a little "love-bombing," constantly sending people over to my friend's house with casseroles, fixed smiles, and pleas for them to return to active membership. When he'd had enough of that, my friend finally told the church to remove him and his family completely from membership and from the roles of the church. After that, they finally stopped sending people to his house. So in a way, he did come out as Atheist, just so the church would stop pestering him and his family.

Unfortunately for him, he came out to his family as Atheist, and they really gave him the rubber hose treatment. Lots of excoriation, telling him he was going to Hell, etc.

I guess things calmed down after awhile. But he doesn't have much fondness for the church, nor for any church or Theism. "Faith is a crock," to put it in his words.

Re: coming out to your parents about your sexual orientation ... you're right, it's really none of their business, and you're under no obligation to tell them. Of course if you have to do a bunch of pretending around them that's not fun. You just have to decide the lesser of two evils there.

"I get the impression you care deeply for you brothers despite these fundamental differences."
I do. And it's really just the oldest who's the "hold-out." All four of the others (plus a couple of our friends) have gone either the atheist or agnostic road, and no longer have a regular active church life. But we've had many email discussions over the years, and learned (sometimes the hard way) to hold our tongue when it came to really lashing out against another's belief system.

Re: music ... I enjoyed it for many years, played a lot of piano, and did make up a few songs of my own (some written, some just in my head). I'm happy to say I wrote two very nice songs for my wife and for my "poly wife," respectively. But I've been "out of the music game" since about 2006, and while I still like music, it doesn't capture my interest, energy, and time like it used to. Nowadays I just lurk and post on these poly forums.

Putting religion into music sometimes spoils it for me too, but I'm also of two minds about a few songs, where the music is so excellent that I feel like I can tolerate the theist lyrics.

"Our senses serve as indicators or more accurately what they sense serve as indicators."
Yes, I will always be slightly less than a 100% atheist since one can never be 100% sure of anything -- at least that's how I see it. But I think it's sadly unlikely that we have any afterlife to look forward to (let alone a God). Like you said, the best we can do is make the most of whatever life we do have.
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