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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
" as I have seen enough "poly couples" who think they are so tuned in to each other they might as well be one person instead of two. I mean, it isn't a crime to feel that way about each other, but it is a little creepy and off-putting when you take it out into public and try to find another person whom you expect to hitch their planet onto your solar system. The original "poly couple" gets to be the sun, and everyone else is just a planet?

I have seen this in ads also.....with terminology like "We are looking for our other half..."

What??? So the two of them are a half?
And the amount of them who say they are looking for 'the right fit' also is astounding....

I wrote to a couple the other day who profiled that "We are not looking for an addition that will challenge or disrupt our environment."
The reply back was 'we only want the right fit, we won't settle for less" (plus some other stuff about how attractive they are and the fact that their relationship is SO spot on and perfect that they know exactly what they are doing.....).

Gaaaaah!!!! *bangs head on wall*
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