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Thanks for posting that, Emm. I got more from it than I was expecting.

Since I am not "hard-wired" poly or mono, I can relate to how both sides feel. I understood and could get invested in most of the arguments. Reading it, I felt like a tennis player playing a full court game by herself. It was exhausting.

I do wish the mono person had presented more about her ideals and logic. She frequently conceded where I think many of my mono friends would have continued debating. Still, I get that she was trying to understand her boyfriend, not "win" at relationship configurations. That's a good thing.

What I took away most from the article was the poly person's approach to his relationships and what works for him. For a while now, I've been trying to piece out what "my poly" is, and what works best for me - how I'd like it to operate when multiple partners are involved. The author does a good job of explaining his poly, and there are a number of elements that I have and appreciate or would like to explicitly express and incorporate in the development of my relationships. Good lead.
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