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It is not that it "can" or "can't" work. Of course "it" CAN and HAS "worked". What people seem to have trouble understanding is that you can't FORCE something like this ("this" = polyfidelitous/equal/ffm/mfm/mff triad unicorn-utopia) to happen. these Poly Couples are like, "OK, we're READY. We. ARE. Ready. READY, we say! ISN'T THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? CAN U HEAR ME? WE DECIDED TO HAVE A TRIAD AND WE NEED A BISEXUAL FEMALE! ANYONE? ANYONE???? BUELLER??? ...oh fuck it. there aren't any poly bi women around here. Hey, forum! How do we meet poly people? We can't find ANY poly people where we live. Especially bisexual female poly people. HELP! Oh, and they can't be smokers or fat or eat red meat, and they can only have sex with one of us if the other can participate too or at least watch. We don't want anyone to get jealous. Form an orderly queue, and fill out this intake form so we can screen you for compatibility."

"Why is it so hard to find other poly people?"
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