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Smile JayT is me, ...

Hello to all, I may have to pop back in and make adjustments to my intro. My mind is not really focused at the moment. (I hope there is an edit button) ... I am flirty silly very open and honest, Christian, bigendered, my long term relationship is 15 years plus...(with a male) I live on a rustic farm, off grid, wood heat haul water (currently have an orphan piglet who comes into house when she is hungry) I am a master gardener... co-own 60 acres with less than 5 years left on the morgage. oh I am female bodied/trangendered... will stay female... my former girlfriend decided I was 'too' open and freespeaking, and later... decided two women was an abombination to God... (I guess I am still hurt by that) ... I love until the love is beaten to death inside of me... my feet and hands are cold at the moment so I need to add wood to the fire.... I have never been asked a question I would not answer with honesty. ... and now I am stumpted with what else to say.. so i will leave it for now.
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