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Default Personal Summary


I am new to this forum and want to give you all a short summary of who I am.

I am female and identify myself as pansexual, even though my experience of both romantic and sexual relationships has been so far only with males. I have been poly-minded ever since I started to have the courage to think with my own little brain, and have never had a monogamous relationship. What made my "poly-awakening" rather late is my very strict and judgemental Christian upbringing. You know, the attitude "sex belongs only to a marriage and a marriage is only between an man and a woman".

At the moment I have two relationships, and feel very polysaturated with them, as both relationships are filled with love and mutual respect. The journey to this point has included open relationships, some one-night stands, a few short-term relationships and so on. Swinging never was an attractive option for me.

So now I have these two wonderful people in my life, and they are:
Husband - bisexual poly male, married and living together for a few years now, and
Lover - straight mono male, dated for a shortish time, still the full NRE going on (and love it!), he lives about a hundred miles away.

I decided to register to this forum to be able to share my happiness with like-minded people, and to get support when in the future there undoubtedly will be struggles in life. Am not very open with my life situation in everyday life, so it is a relief to discuss these things online.

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