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I just broke off with my long term bf. I spend a week in bed and am still depressed over it. The relationship could have gone on but it would have been unhealthy for me. I have not been present for my dh at all and with tie my head is moving on the heart not so sure. My dh had compersion during my relatonship and he in a sense has empathy over the break up. His support has meant the world to me. He saw the daily effect the bf has had on me and my life. He is glad we broke up but understands i still do and always will love bf. I understand your fear about is breaking nc and him having no room for you. But is he suppose to shut off his grieve ove his lost loveee. Seems like that if your poly your support during a break should be their. Honestly bitch or not all i hear in your post is me me me. You saying you cant be their your fear and your anger disappoint over his depression. If she had died would you treat him this way. Perhaps it is a form of jealousy. Just a thought. I understand not wanting to be codependent but if you are talking back when he is reaching out to you he may be feeling some hurt in regards to you.

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