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What is your NEED? What do you need (in general) to thrive in a romance?
  • To be able to talk about your feelings to your partner and be understood?
  • To be in an open relationship? To be a close relationship with several partners? What model are you after?
  • To be free to experience love with other people?
  • To be free to experience sex with other people?
  • To be free to experience BOTH love and sex with other people?

What is your specific WANTS from HER so you can thrive in relationship WITH HER?
  • To be in an open relationship with her and the cousin?
  • To be able to continue to be friends with her no matter what happens in your romance with her?
  • To be free of her jealous behavior?
  • To have a limit -- that if you open the relationship to have other partners for each of you, you will be assured you will not be cast aside without consideration or concern at all? That there would at least be a talk about things?

Is that where you are at? Anything else?

If so? You could talk to her about all these things and how you feel. Could see what HER wants, needs, and limits could be. Could see if you can continue to be in romantic relationship together and thrive together. Or could determine if it is better to part ways and be friends so you could meet most of your wants, needs, and limit and reach a happy place.

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