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Holy hell, what just happened? New boy, let's call him Plinth, came round to help me with an art project last night. Ocean had to head out, so Plinth & I were home alone. Gah... it got messy but very very good. Perfect timing; he came in a fountain just as Ocean got home. Delicious.

I was due at Grotto's place, so around 1am I headed out. Plinth crashed here. This morning, I came back home and slipped into bed with Ocean. About half an hour later, I shifted to the couch where Plinth was sleeping. The cuddles were luscious.

Then... I made coffee, did the dishes. Plinth and Ocean cooked breakfast. Ocean had had a sore throat the night before. I'd brought home ginger and Plinth made ginger tea with lemon and honey for him. Two caring, generous men in the kitchen together? I melt.

Ocean reluctantly headed off to get some work done... Plinth and I home alone yet again... I can't keep my hands or mouth off him, I surrender to the lust of it. It's so sweet to relax when there's this solid foundation of friendship.

We go marketing for my cousin's birthday tonight. Making some food for the dinner party. Now I'm home again, have to prep a few things. Ocean due back from work soon. Plinth heading back to his place to finish up some tasks, but will be back (I scored him an invite too.) Grotto will meet us there. I'm horny as fuck, and happy as a rainbow with fistfuls of chocolate.

Yeah yeah, NRE. Whatever
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