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Red face

Oh not worried at all, I happen to take criticism very well, and I do agree that wording could have have been better on my part.
I definitely see everyone's points and are taking this all in

I do not feel attacked at all. I am learning

I do, however, feel the need to re-word the "fulfilling his sexual prowess" part.
I must stress that a sex toy is not what I meant at all lol
He is a hypersexual and I guess I'm, well, not ha ha

I've reviewed the link and have learned a lot. Actually I read it aloud to C

I also want to say that I don't want to date together because, Couples have couple dynamics and like things "together" that they don't like individually. Like together we like to go to certain restaurants because its a midway between our preferences but singularly I go to diff restaurants cause I have my likes in food that he doesn't, like sushi.
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Me: bi, reformed wild-child turned mom and house maid LOL
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CM: second son 9 months.
Mouse: girlfriend! Status new, feelings not so much.
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