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Sometimes writing something out or recounting an event in our lives in any manner, makes it easier to process or helps us see it in a different light. Or makes us just feel better.

Thank you for sharing your story with us.

While reading I felt a vagueness in one place. You and B spoke to each other yet you still seem uncertain. What are you unsure of and is it not something that could be clarified with further communication between you and B and A? Having expressed that you were jealous, were you also able to pinpoint and talk about the reasons behind the feeling?

If the three of you formed a relationship which had additional attributes to what existed in the relationship formerly, would the option of having other relationships, whether they be for flirtatious sensual play or emotional connection or both, be out of the question?

If you allowed the relationship to remain open in this way while you forged ahead together with the new developments between you three, would there be tension because of possible jealousy on your part or would there be ease because you would not feel you altered the original agreement but perhaps only enhanced it?

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