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I have asked myself the same questions. I find I hold back most of the time when I have strong emotions. Especially ones of frustration and anger.

I have frightened others with my intensity also.

I don't know what to say to this as I would hate to think that you would be anything less than what you really are, but then I do make myself be less than I really am on occasion.

My husband is the same way as I am. we all are actually. Nerdist is more of a quiet smoldering emotional kind of person, whereas I am more explosive emotion in tidal waves type. He deals with this in public setting differently but we both hide.

I find it hard to be involved with people who keep a stiff upper lip. I have a British family and was raised to practice this even though behind the scenes they were emotionally explosive. I learned this trait well and it certainly is handy on occasion. I love that within the bounds of my relationships I can let that go and just be, let my emotions ride where they will far more.
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