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Lightbulb Sometimes its the little things that count.

Hello everyone,

I am a huge fan of little moments. I remember the big events in my life as just that. BIG. Its the small stuff that makes me smile though. That microsecond where everything just clicks, and you know you must be doing something right. Here's one from earlier this week.

My wife and i have been in a new place in our lives for a while now. We have started to change the course of our lives in very large, consequential ways. While i am happy about that, it can be draining at times. The subject of polyamory has been in the background of our relationship for many years, but only recently did we truly begin to look at it seriously.

While i was sitting at work, with nothing to do but wait, i was texting back and forth with my wife. We were discussing little things, mostly talking about where our boundaries were. At one point i had the phrase "I would hate to miss an opportunity like that." queued up on my phone, but before I hit send, she sent me a message. It read "The thought of missing an opportunity scares me more than anything else."

The content was deep, but not important to this post. My point is, even with both of us on different sides of a discussion, hours apart on a text message, we had the same thought. I know its not much, but it still makes me smile. Maybe we are good at this whole kermewnikashun thing after all.

I still smile when i think about it. A nothing moment that meant a lot to me.

PS I didnt send back "JYNX!" and i feel like that was a missed opportunity.
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