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Ya...he asked you specific direct questions about your feelings on a few topics, the ethical thing is to tell him now what they are, and let him decide how he feels about it.

If that is not enough to make him realize you aren't interested in the same thing he is, and to stop trying to flirt with you, then that's another issue altogether. I get the impression you haven't been clear with your boundaries with him, and that's part of why he hasn't stopped, though from what you just posted it sounds like he has agreed that it won't go there.

So YES you still should be honest about EVERYTHING, just switch your own words around.
"I have forgiven your sexual boundary pushing, but it seems to have caused a block in me in terms of being able to feel platonic love for you. I am happy to live with you now that you aren't pushing for a sexual relationship, but I don't feel friend/platonic love for you right now and do not want to artificially pretend an emotion that I don't really feel. (I will let you know if and when that changes)"
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